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Welcome to Savvy's Savings Challenge Freebie Page!

Meet our mascot, Savvy the Savings Sloth.

Savvy embodies the virtues of patience and persistence in the journey towards financial freedom. Just like the sloth, known for its slow and steady pace, Savvy encourages us to take our time with savings challenges, understanding that every little bit adds up over time.


With Savvy by your side, you’ll find joy in the gradual progress of your savings journey, making each step towards your financial goals both rewarding and enjoyable.

Savvy isn’t just our mascot but a symbol of the commitment to developing healthy financial habits. Whether it’s through our colorful printables, engaging savings themes, or fun budgeting tools, Savvy represents the creative spirit that makes saving not just a habit, but a lifestyle.

Savings Challenge Printables mascot Savvy Sloth

So, let’s embrace the Savvy the Savings Sloth way—taking it one relaxed, yet deliberate, step at a time towards a more secure and financially savvy future!

Savvy Sloth Savings Challenges

Embark on your savings adventure with our collection of free Savvy the Savings Sloth  themed challenges! These savings challenge resources are designed to guide beginners through the exciting world of savings, providing a fun and a supportive start to your financial journey with some colorful flair. Dive in and discover how saving money can be both rewarding and enjoyable with Savvy’s help!

Freebie Items are instant downloads in PDF files that print on US Letter (8.5"x11").

Freebies are for Personal Use only, No commercial Use allowed.

Please do not print to sell separately or as part of a physical binder bundle

Free low budget savings challenge printable
Free Easy Low Budget Savings Challenge 

Starting a savings challenge can be a fun and effective way to boost your financial habits. These adorable baby sloth themed savings challenges that are easy on the budget with savings board amounts of $45, $75, $105.


Click to download your A6 (3x6) Savings Challenges. 

Sloth Themed Freebie Savings Challange 26 wk & 52 wk Challenge
Free 26 & 52 week Savings Challenge

Embarking on a savings challenge can be both fun and rewarding, and what better way to sav & track your progress than with a cute baby sloth-themed savings challenge?  Whether you opt for the 26-week odd/even challenges, where you save a progressive amount each week, or the classic all-in-one 52-week challenge, you're in for a delightful journey with our baby sloth hanging around by your side.


Click to download your A6 (3x6) Savings Challenges. Happy saving!

Freebie - $100 Monthly Savings Challenge Printables
Free $100 Monthly Savings Challenge

Enjoy a complimentary set of three $100 Monthly Savings Challenge featuring our charming baby sloth, Savvy. This package comes with a matching savings tracker and an optional design sheet for the reverse side.


Click to download your A6 (3x6) Savings Challenges. Happy saving!

Thank you!

Thank you for choosing our store!  We're honored to be part of your financial journey and are committed to providing savings and budgeting tools that not only guide you towards your goals but also add a splash of color and a dash of whimsy to the process 💕

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Here's to achieving your dreams with style and fun!

Savvy the Savings Sloth
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