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Gnome Fishin' Game Board Challenge

Gnome Fishin' Game Board Challenge


Looking to add some fun to your savings challenge? Our Gnome Fishin' Game Board Challenge is the perfect way to make saving money enjoyable. This printable set includes 3 game boards: high budget, low budget, and blank, so you can tailor the challenge to your financial goals. Each board features a whimsical Gnome Fishin' theme and comes with A6 challenge cards that add an element of surprise to your savings journey.


Navigate your way around the board by rolling the dice, possibly land on a coin toss, or maybe fall back a couple spaces and roll again to move ahead – all designed to keep things interesting while you work towards your savings goals.


Whether you're saving for a big purchase or simply looking to build up your emergency fund, our Gnome Fishin' Game Board Challenge will make the process enjoyable and rewarding. Start your savings adventure today!


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